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The London Knowledge School

London Taxi Driver training in Essex

The London Knowledge School (Essex)

The School
The London Knowledge School is based in Essex and is your route to working in the best city in
the world driving a world famous London taxi.
You may have found yourself looking at other schools, you may of even attended one or two, but here at The London Knowledge School we like to be a little bit different, instead of trying to sell you a load of maps, classes and books plus a load of other stuff you will never need, we like to give you all the correct help and the support you will need to make life as easy as possible to achieve that final goal, completing the knowledge and receiving the famous green badge.

We know how hard it can be to build up the confidence to walk into a school worrying that you may not be good enough and that other students may be above your level or may know more than you do, we have all been there and we know this can feel.

Here at the London Knowledge School you will always be made to feel welcome and you will
always have someone to call with and will never be made to feel uncomfortable, we believe that
calling with as many people as you can is very beneficial, why have one call over partner when you
can have ten.

Here at the school we always call with different people, pre map test students call with 56s, 56
level students call with 28s and 28 level students call with 21s and so forth, we have found that
calling with people more advanced on different levels and swapping about really helps with our
knowledge and learning and as we pass our knowledge, help and advice down threw generations
we become a team and make really good friends on the way, but of course if you do prefer just to
arrange to meet your own call over partner and do your own thing you are more than welcome, we
even have a few separate rooms if you want to call in them out of the way, the choice is yours.

Free Beginners Seminars are held on every first Monday of every month.
This covers.
The application process.
Blue book study.
Pointing guidance.
Point to point.
Question and answer session.

Pre Map Test Level - £25 per month.
This is for students that have not yet done their map test and are studying or have finished their
bluebooks and want to revise their runs and points and even start to call and pen some point to

Appearance Level Students - £50 per month.
This is for students who are on appearances and are looking to call over and revise with multiple
call over partners. All members of the school can attend as often as you want, we are officially open
Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, but please check our Facebook page for special late night and weekend call over.
There is free parking for bikes on site there is also free parking for cars just a stones throw away,
unlimited tea and coffee is also supplied.

Our Promise.
As a member of The London Knowledge School you will always have a call over partner and be
treated as a team member, you will be part of our growing community and make some good friends
on the way.

We sell blue book runs and laminated maps. Call us for more information 01375 371 247.

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